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Rendezvous, eh?
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state/prove/region-tan roleplay dressing room community

One day you're walking down the street when the corners of your eyes catch a hold of lights. Looking up, you see a strange bar called 'Rendezvous'...with what seems to to be a hotel up above. As you stand there contemplating what could it could possibly mean, something strangely compels you to walk to the door and open it...as much as you try to resist or deny your sudden thirst, you lick your lips and figure you'd stay for a drink. ....Nothing happens in a bar right?

Welcome to rendezvous_eh, a roleplaying community dressing room spinoff of the webcomic-turned-anime, Axis Powers Hetalia. The place where anthropomorphized states/provinces/regions of all shapes and sizes can come to get kidnapped/wasted/sloshed/drunk/*insert word here* for the lulz. Why? Because there's gotta be somewhere where nations froth at the thought of their precious crotch spawn children doing bad, naughty things when they're not looking.


1. No wanking/being a drama llama. (The mods will crack down on that. For srs.)
2. ROLEPLAY FOR THE LULZ. (Because taking a roleplay comm seriously isn't good for stress.)
3. All Smutty McPorno threads must be in your own journal. (Really, reading about someone getting a blow in public is...yeah.)
4. ??????

How to join:
All you have to do is make yourself a journal for your character, including a profile and a 'how's my driving?' contact post.

Human Name:
Formal Name:


Stuff about the character:

(Optional:) Played by *insert character here* from *insert anime/tv show/movie*: (if you use someone as your character.)


Please remember that all pictures over 600 x 600 pixels must be under an lj cut.

Questions/ Comments? Feel free to drop a note. :3
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